Jennifer Roberts
Jennifer Roberts

I have been privileged to experience a rich and varied training and professional experiences throughout my career. My graduate level education took place in NYC, and the people I worked with were from all walks of life. Listed below are my professional positions held. In these positions I was honored to be a primary resource for first responders and individuals who were burned in the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001.

I participated in several NIMH funded, cutting edge interventions for individuals with post traumatic stress disorder and participated in training and supervising others on these interventions. My efforts were commended with a New York City Fire Fighters Burn Center award. My expertise in trauma was also utilized in the private sector, where I helped develop, train, staff and implement a screening and treatment program for utility workers exposed to the attacks and aftermath of 9-11.

As a trauma expert I was enabled to participate in an international training mission after the tsunami in 2004, by developing a training in CBT for indigenous counselors in Sri Lanka. This work then fostered several presentations and articles around international disaster work.

My clinical work is inspiring. Witnessing, and listening to people face adversity is an ever humbling and profoundly moving experience. I have invested in first rate training, and been an Assistant Professor in one of the leading university hospitals in our country. My level of expertise is senior, and you will feel this in your sessions.

I know that seeking help can be daunting, the one fact I can assure you of is that I am very competent, professional, and focused in my clinical interactions. Please see my full curriculum vitae for specific details, and do not hesitate to ask me any questions about my training or professional experiences.

Fellow of Psychology in Psychiatry, New York Presbyterian Hospital – Weill Cornell Medical College, 07/01/99-11/30/99

Fellow, New York University 1999-2000 International Traumatic Stress Studies

Instructor of Psychology in Psychiatry, Weill Cornell Medical College, 12/01/99-07/01/02

Assistant Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry, Weill Cornell Medical College, 07/01/02-10/01/07

Assistant Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry, Weill Cornell Medical College, Sessional Faculty, October, 2007 – Present

Attending Psychologist, The New York Presbyterian Hospital

12/01/99 – 10/2006 William Randolph Hearst Burn Center