Depression and CBT/Mindfulness

You know you are depressed.  You may feel regret about the past, despair in the present, and hopeless about the future. These feelings can last for a long time, and sometimes feel impossible to shake off. Together, we can facilitate a shift in your mood.

CBT with a mindfulness component is a collaborative task. We will  specifically address goals at work, at home, in your relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and others. Our work is best viewed as a holistic intervention. We will examine each area of your life to determine how to best foster growth and happiness. You can expect to receive a “Green Prescription” early on.

Research has shown the importance of nature and exercise in helping to recover from depression. We will work together to identify and mobilize organic sources of support in your life. Often times, depression is associated with poor coping mechanisms. Together we will focus on improving your relationships and life-skills.

Cognitive therapy addresses our depressed thoughts by specifically examining each thought and developing more adaptive thoughts to replace them. Unrealistic expectations of yourself and a negative view of yourself may be contributing to your depression. By identifying these thoughts, and addressing them directly we will begin a process of change.

The  Behavioral aspect of the therapy strategically focuses on changing or implementing actions that will begin to shift your feelings. The first step involves analyzing your day, looking for ways to add new habits, and maximize strategies you may have already begun. Specific daily actions become the building blocks for new, healthy feelings to develop.

Mindfulness training encourages  a compassionate attitude toward yourself. Change is difficult, and no one has ever made change happen more quickly by berating themselves. We learn to harness the mind by practicing simple exercises, including breathwork, body scan, progressive relaxation, and visualization.