Grief & Loss

You may be grieving. This can be so painful, you are not able to imagine ever feeling “normal” again.  There is often an overwhelming, wave-like experience of grief, a crashing and receding of strong emotion. You will learn how to manage these emotions and find your internal strength, while processing your loss. By examining your thoughts you will learn how misperceptions and harsh judgements may contribute to your emotional struggles.

You may be ‘stalled’ in the process of letting go of a person, job or relationship. Talking through your specific story with a non-judgemental listener may provide new perspectives, or  even just the space to explore your feelings for the first time. By taking the time to talk about your thoughts and feelings you may find a sense of relief very quickly. You will also learn relaxation techniques, and mindfulness exercises to help you weather the strong waves of emotion.

It is “normal” to feel sad after a loss but seeking support can offer some ease and comfort during a difficult time in your life. Telling your story, to someone who is listening for thoughts and feelings that are exacerbating your distress, is a large part of this process.  We will work on new ways of understanding your thoughts regarding loss. The goal of this therapy is to foster emotional resilience, and encourage you to develop and utilize new coping strategies.