Really, biophilia is a shorthand way to describe the fact that human beings are easily drawn too, and comforted by nature. In Colorado, I may be preaching to the choir – being outdoors makes us feel better! We know that people’s physical and emotional well-being is helped by contact with the natural environment.

Millions of years of evolution occurred in the natural world and have left us genetically wired to find solace in nature.  Scientists have demonstrated that physiological and neuro-endocrinological restoration(healing), happen more quickly in natural surroundings. These can be representations of the natural world such as houseplants, photographs, art work etc., or actual outdoors natural elements.

You will receive a prescription that helps you to find and incorporate natural elements into your daily life. We will increase your exposure to the natural vegetation, sunlight, birdcalls, and even smells of the natural world around you.