If we are lucky, there are times in our life where we are forced to ask, “What am I doing?”

I say if we are lucky, but it does not feel that way of course. It feels disorienting. It feels like we will be forever trapped in a state of dissatisfaction.  Of course, if it elevates from dissatisfaction, to “if something does not change I will lose it”  then we are REALLY lucky. Because it is then that we are willing to do the investigation into what we are doing, and why? We wonder, what is our purpose?

This means that we are at the precipice. Dedicate a space entirely to yourself—reflect, process, and delve into what truly guides you, how you spend time, and why incongruities exist. These types of inquiries can provide us with insight, and directions towards a new way of meeting your life.  

About Mid-life Crisis Therapy

This is talk therapy, but perhaps with more intensity. We question and press in on areas that you may have glossed over in the past.  It is finding the spots that just are not adding up in your life, and trying to investigate why, and then developing hypotheses that might allow you to adjust your current path. It is finding a way to live with our suffering, and not to project it out to the world. 

This work can seem daunting at the outset, but upon embarking on this work, one can quickly sense that this is the way of it, this examining of your Why. This focused, necessary work can begin in an immersive 2 hour format. Call me today to get started.