If you are ready to enter into territory you have avoided, or are aware that there is a new country ahead of you, I am honored to walk next to you and help you tune inwards to discover and understand yourself in new ways.  

It is a privilege to meet you in your exact reality when you walk in my office. Witnessing your humanity and what you already know about your unique experience on this earth is exciting, every single person has something interesting to say.  I’ve come to know that sometimes in the act of telling your own story, with tender attention paid by me, as we pause to elicit your inter-woven feelings, body sensations, and memories specific to the theme;  the process of crossing over begins.  

Getting over the precipice toward change. I have followed along on many people’s journeys, across all types of terrains. I am skilled at tracking what is happening, as well as knowing when and how to protect us both when the weather turns stormy.  It is my intention that you will experience our session as assisted self study.

We will work to understand at a core level, what from your past is still impacting you in harmful ways. We may use somatic based inquiry, as well as EMDR,  and you will likely leave acutely aware of our time spent as a self empowerment process. This work is most effective with an  intensive 2 hour format.