When using these types of therapeutic interventions, I find myself saying to people, “really pull your normal social antenna away from me, and drop all your focus inside of yourself.  Be curious and open to noticing what is occurring inside of you; body sensation, feelings, and memories may all be available for you to notice.”  I love peoples’ reactions to this invitation, and seeing their relief at landing inside, being internally observant, dropping away from the narrative, and leaning into themselves. 

What is Somatic Therapy and How Does it Work?

This work might be understood as having an internal experience which results in structural change. This can be useful to explore with issues of depression, and anxiety, by providing new information around core developmental blocks. 

While some people work easily within mindfulness, other people develop this capacity over time, and only small parts of each session will utilize this modality.  Others who have a regular meditation practice, can also find this to be a surprisingly challenging way of using observation of the body, emotions, and felt memories and studying them rather than allowing them to dissipate. In this style, my role is to assist you in dropping more deeply into your inner experience.