The gold standard of care for addressing a trauma is narrative exposure therapy. What this means is a gradual, yet immersive, experience wherein you repeat a narrative of the traumatic event utilizing imaginal and in vivo exposure.

If you have suffered from a trauma event that continues to haunt you, intrudes into your daily life, or from which you have never fully recovered, I can help you. By reviewing what happened to you, and your thoughts about the event, we can set aside these upsetting memories; leaving them only to be recalled when you choose to.

What is Narrative Exposure Therapy Used For?

Traumatic events may include:

  • War experiences
  • Acute/chronic medical conditions
  • Accident
  • Sudden loss of a loved one
  • Physical or sexual abuse/assault

Many people spend a lot of time wishing these events never happened, and are not able to move on and engage in their current lives. Narrative exposure therapy involves telling the story of what happened, but in a safe environment, allowing the connections in your brain to release the ‘terror’ originally coded with the trauma.

Prior to retelling the story, you will be helped to develop healthy habits, make social connections, and learn anxiety-reduction strategies. These grounding and resourcing sessions which occur before the trauma processing  are critical to ensure that the client is not re-traumatized by the treatment.