In this two hour intensive you will learn a plethora of strategies to enhance your capacity to handle the stresses of life. Come dressed to move around, we will get out of our chairs, and onto the meditation cushion, and yoga mat!  I also teach these skills in other formats, but this Intensive is structured in order for you to move deeply into being able to efficiently utilize the techniques.  

In this “wellness care immersive” we will develop an individualized set of interventions that you will understand exactly when and how to implement. 

For example, we may begin with breathing techniques – of note there are literally hundreds of types of breath work, we will pinpoint which types work best for your current concerns.  Often times, we may try several types in the intensive, and then return in later talk therapy sessions to ascertain what is working.  

If it makes sense for your customized intensive, we may have you record me leading you through a precise progressive muscle relaxation script, that you can use at home in moments of intense stress.  Clients have found that using these individualized scripts, in my voice, really help intensify the relaxation effects.  

Your precision intervention may involve practice meditating together, and learning what types of mindfulness techniques you are able to effectively use at this moment. Sometimes an “immersive moment” mindfulness strategy will be appropriate, other times we will sit together for up to 10 minutes, and intimately share this mindful experience. We will personalize a meditation practice for your immediate needs.  

Another potential tool is using personalized guided imagery to promote feelings of safety and deep relaxation. This script is made specifically with cues and images that are uniquely yours. These can also include self hypnosis scripts. Both of these can be recorded, and be a tool that you have at home to help on an as needed basis. 

As you may know, Yoga is an ancient science that includes (among other things)  breath work (pranayama), meditation (dhyana), ground rules for personal behavior – for our purposes the resiliency disciplines  (Niyamas), and the yoga postures (asana).  While we will not do a yoga asana class, we will find some specific postures that make sense for you to use in your current life situation. There is no requirement that you have a current yoga practice in order to benefit, in fact being brand new is a wonderful place to be! If you have a movement practice that you already are using, we will explore together what aspects can be enhanced in order to derive more resilience. 

I believe that we all have an infinite source of healing available, and that often it is by working with another, we can begin to access it in a deeper and more meaningful way.  You will leave this intensive with a set of practices, that when used regularly, will help you to access your resilience.  Developing and utilizing this practice will be a regular touchpoint in our work together.