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You realize something needs to change. Whether you’re highly educated or successful in various aspects of life, there comes a time when old challenges or new life circumstances require dedicated time and professional expertise to work through. You can have more ease in your life; give yourself a break and start the process – call me now to begin your journey with a trusted therapist in Fort Collins.

Jennifer Roberts, a trusted psychologist in Fort Collins, CO

Meet Jennifer, your dedicated therapist in Fort Collins, with 27 years of experience working with diverse individuals.

In my work I have been humbled to witness the resilience of people – from first responders and burn survivors after 9/11 to working with other therapists in Sri Lanka after a tsunami. Over the last decade in Fort Collins, I’ve had the privilege of supporting our community members on their transformative journeys in my private practice. Every person I work with, in my role as a psychologist in Fort Collins, has demonstrated remarkable strength. My life is continually enriched by the people who entrust me to help them navigate life’s challenges, and I am grateful to be allowed to help others.