Most people in my practice engage in weekly or bimonthly psychotherapy for 50 minutes.  Regular therapy sessions really allow us to develop safety and trust in this relationship.  I learn how to notice the specific ways you move through life, and can help you pause and allow curiosity to develop over why you make the choices you do.  These regular sessions allow for deep connection to develop, and for you to feel truly seen and known. 

Of course, not everyone finds the aforementioned ideas to be inviting. And that is ok too, most of us are pretty disconnected these days, and it may really feel threatening to open up in the therapeutic context.  This is why the ethical guidelines and the clear delineation of what and how we can interact (which are specific to my profession) are very helpful to create accountability. We also have a lot of different techniques to help with learning how to open up in therapy.  My sessions may utilize supportive exploration, CBT, Mindfulness, EMDR Resourcing, Somatic Inquiry, Narrative exploration, Yoga postures or writing exercises.

No two sessions will feel exactly the same, and we will develop consensus on the goals we are working to achieve. Therapy can help us with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, overcoming past trauma, and addictions.  Therapy can also be focused on achieving your potential. It can be a laboratory where we can practice new behaviors and mindsets.

For instance, you could use therapy to catalyze  changes to help you thrive in your career.  Your therapy focus could be on how to work through some grief or resentment in order to be a better spouse, or co-worker.  Not all issues are mental health disorders, but I am uniquely skilled to bring to bear the best therapeutic strategies to help you. We will work together to tailor your therapy to meet your individual goals and needs. Often times, we can end therapy because your goal has been met, and there will be another time in your life when you come back to therapy to work on different issues.

Whether you need to address a mental health issue, or want to pursue a wellness model for enhancing your current life, my experience and compassion are here for you.  You should expect to feel heard and seen in your sessions, confident that my deep listening presence, and advanced training will provide the fulcrum to move toward your desired goals.