Book Blog Intention

Dreams do come true! I have always wanted to be paid to read, and now I am doing just that. (Well, sort of, I am not getting paid, or even getting free books, but I am making a blog for my website about what I am reading, so it sort of works…).  

I am endlessly fascinated by the variety of human experience. My graduate school advisor once told me to read immersively, so I could see from someone else’s point of view. This blog is not a book review; rather, it is my taking some elements from what I am reading, and commenting on how it relates to concepts that I commonly use in therapy.  There may be a wide gamut of topics, and what I write about may not always be based on current media, but it will be based on what I am looking at in my life and how it resonates in my thinking. It feels like a gift to myself, and I hope you enjoy it too!

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